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Tue, Dec 14, 2021 6:55 PM

Smart Lock with KwikSet locks?

The mounting plate supplied with the Smart Lock is not compatible with the KwikSet lock we have installed. 

The KwikSet has a center "pin" that connects the interior unlock/lock handle to the deadbolt latch, and a second that connects the exterior keyed lock to the interior unlock/lock handle. 

Has anyone experienced this situation and what was the resolution?  Perhaps SimpliSafe has an KwikSet compatible mounting plate?  Thank you

Sorry about the orientation of the photo, it got rotated when uploaded.  Left side of photo is up.

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Il y a 8 m

Hi Simon,

Unfortunately our Smart Lock may not be compatible with that door. It's specifically designed for single-cylinder type deadbolt locks.

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@davey_d this Kwikset design is also a single cylinder deadbolt. I have the same issue see my post Smart Lock doesn’t work with my Kwikset Single Cylinder Deadbolt - tailpiece not on same plane as screws | SimpliSafe Community.

I think Simplisafe needs to update their compatibility instructions to be clear that you do not support all single cylinder deadbolt lock designs only ones where the thumbturn and tailpiece are on the same plane as the screws.

Would be nice if Simplisafe could design a smart lock that works for this single cylinder deadbolt design. Kwikset is a major lock manufacturer in the US and a lot of people have their locks.


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Il y a 8 m

@Simon I believe I have the same Kwikset lock as you do, which is this one:

Matte Black Downtown Deadbolt - Keyed One Side - featuring SmartKey | Kwikset

I believe if you replace it with this Kwikset lock, which is also from their Signature Series and square so should match, that this will work with the Simplisafe Smart Lock because the keyway and thumbturn look to be in the center and aligned on the same plane as the screws.

Matte Black Halifax Deadbolt - Keyed One Side - featuring SmartKey | Kwikset

Plus these Kwikset locks have SmartKey tech so you can key this new lock to work with the existing Kwikset keys for you other lock. It costs $30-35 and easy to change only needs a screwdriver. I ordered this lock and am going to try it out.


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@avsilber​ that's so annoying that we just bought a new door and I was going to get a Schlage lock but my wife preferred the look of the Kwikset hardware.  Glad I found this post and good to know there may be an easy and not too expensive fix - please update if it worked for you. Thanks!

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@s13n I can confirm that the kwikset Halifax deadbolt 100% works with the Simplisafe lock.

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@s13n I can also confirm it works perfectly, bought it from Kwikset and replaced it a couple months ago and put in SS smart lock and works like a charm


@avsilber​  does not work. I have the Halifax and cannot install the smart lock. I was just on the phone for 30-minutes making sure I wasn’t crazy that their lock isn’t compatible with one of the most popular locks in America. 

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Il y a 7 m

my smart lock when it is locked showing on the app and the online door is unlocked uninstall app reinstall it did not help.

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@johnsamuel​ this happens occasionally, I don't think you need to reinstall the app, just manually unlock and relock the door with the SmartLock thumbturn and it should update. On the app home screen then pull down to refresh and I found that it does update and sync.

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Il y a 5 m

Hi. So glad someone posted this. I bought the same lock for the chic look and the way it would look with the SimpliSafe lock. I thought I was doing something wrong and got incredibly frustrated because they do advertise it as being compatible with single cylinder. I wanted a round lock not square so I just ordered kwikset Milan single cylinder, haven’t installed yet so I’m hoping it works. They should make an adapter to work with the kwikset even if you have to purchase it because I love the look of the other one better

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@lizish23​ if you replace the Kwikset Downtown with the Kwikset Halifax as mentioned above that looks almost the same but is square then the SS SmartLock will work with that.

Doesn’t work with Halifax Downtown Deadbolt


Il y a 12 d

I have the same issue. Looks like I am going to have to return the lock I waited on back order for weeks. 

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@traviswaynemoore​ the lock itself or the SimpliSafe smart bit?  I noticed the latter was on backorder something like 3 months when I last checked.  I assumed they were coming out with a new version but perhaps it was the usual supply chain issues since nearly everything electrical sold in the US is made in China these days.

I don't know if other smart locks handle this KwikSet lock but I really don't want yet another item from another system in my home.  Now wishing I'd bought the Schlage lock set I wanted and not the one my wife picked based on looks.  I guess I can switch out just the deadbolt - there's refurbished items on Amazon for $35