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Mon, Jan 17, 2022 10:53 PM

Smartlock - manually unlocked

I'm considering adding SmartLocks to my front and back doors.  Both doors have a lot of glass and with our current locks someone could break the glass reach in and manually unlock our current deadbolt.  If I have SmartLocks and they are activated (locked) does that prevent someone from manually unlocking the door?  Meaning it can only be unlocked by key fob, phone or deactivating the simplisafe system from Home or Away mode?

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Il y a 7 m

Hi josh_06959d,


No, when the Smart Lock is locked, it can still be unlocked manually (it's somewhat of a safety feature, so if anyone is inside, they can still get out without having to open the app). However, you'll get a notification of that event on your phone. And it doesn't disarm the system. So when they enter, that should trigger the alarm.