Sat, Jun 6, 2020 2:35 AM


At the Consumer Electronics Show in January 2018 SimpliSafe revealed some of their new devices including an outdoor camera.
It's now June 2020 - nearly 2-1/2 YEARS later - and SimpliSafe still keeps making excuses for why they are not offering this camera to their customers.
Forget the $20 silicone condom that they sell for their indoor camera as it just doesn't work in making that thing an outdoor camera.

Come on SimpliSafe, stop lying to us and either say you're NOT going to make the camera so we can all move on to other providers, or bring the damn thing to market. Now



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Il y a 2 y

the whole idea of a "security system" having "outdoor cameras" is a bit flaky.  Once the alarm goes off, having integrated cameras is very useful, but by that time, outdoor cameras will, at best, get their backs.

For outdoor cameras, you want 24/7 recording, although having motion flags makes it easier to find interesting recordings.  PIR is not really an effective motion trigger for outdoors; Pixel change is more reliable.  And if you do go with PIR, make sure it was specifically designed for the wide temperature range of outdoors, or you will either get lots of fall notifications, or miss important movement.