Sun, Aug 30, 2020 8:45 PM

a simple yard sign please....is it really too much to ask?

Our SimpliSafe yard signs were bleached out and cracked.  I reached out in February 2020 for replacement signs.  Never received.  I reached out again and received 3 placards that came without the stakes to post in front yard or backyard.  I reached out again.  Order never sent.  I reached out AGAIN and once again we were sent plain placards that not only did not have the stakes again, but they don't even have tape or screws to attach to anything.  Please tell me what are customers suppose to do with these??  This is beyond incompetent.  I just spoke to Andre and he said there are no staked signs.....but yet I can get them on ebay?  Seriously??....If we can't get a simple sign to post around our home to discourage would be thieves, how am i suppose to believe that this company has my family's security a priority? How can a simple request go unfulfilled for 8 months?    Honestly, this is ridiculous. Walking around our neighborhood every home has security yard signs and yet ours does not.  Gee, I wonder which house the burglar or intruder is going to pick?  SimpliSafe's lack of concern for my family's protection and inept customer service makes going back to ADT an easy choice.



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2 y ago

SS customer service is problematic.  

That said, why would you want a sign saying what system you have?  Better would be a sign from another company, so you don't give any hints how to defeat your system.  

If you liked ADT so much, why did you leave?

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that is a loaded question, looks like you are provoking and looking for a fight? the person is unhappy, what is with the psychological warfare?

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2 y ago

I never used my sign or decals.  Why give bad guys the advantage of knowing what kind of system you have??  I bought some generic signs from Amazon that work just fine.

Make it simple on yourself, go back to ADT and smile when you sign their contract.  Pretty ridiculous to judge a company on their signs.....

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2 y ago

I'm quite certain that if I were someone targeted by an international jewel thief or a likely target for assassination, knowing what sort of security system I have would be useful.  But then again, I wouldn't be relying solely on an automated security system.

No, when I think about the sort of risks I'm trying to protect myself from it is the casual crime of opportunity.  The teenager looking for the latest "X-box", or rifling through unlocked cars.  The transient looking for a place to crash, a drug addict looking for something to sell.

These people are not the sort to know how to subvert a security system, and even if they are, they likely don't want to take the time. I think a yard sign is an excellent tool to tell this sort of person to try the house down the street without a sign.