Tue, Jul 27, 2021 1:39 PM

Answer the phones!,,,,,,

Answer the phones!  It shouldn't takes months and multiple attempts to talk to someone.....


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Hello johnbeale,

You are right, it shouldn't take so long to get hold of our Support team. We're still seeing extreme call volumes, but our folks are doing everything that we can to answer as quickly as possible.

Looking into your account, I do see someone associated with you might have been able to get in touch with an agent already today! But if you still need help, please don't hesitate to let us know.

- Johnny M.
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What is the root cause of the extreme call volume?  Maybe a troubleshooting guide needs to be updated online for users to refer to, or are the problems all bad enough that it requires some tech support to resolve (which then points to software/hardware issues)?  I just can't believe that since I've been back reading the forums that there are so many complaints about being able to get through to someone.  And what's worse is that it continues.  I know we aren't likely to get details from SS about what the company is doing internally, but this should be front and center.



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@ hondaman88 you missed about a one year period where support resources seemed adequate, including the holiday season.  Then in May it hit the fan and we were back to a growing list of complaints.

The CRC with online self support tools and other resources is still a work in progress, nowhere to be seen after many years, phone system is still not able to do scheduled callbacks and SS can't hire and train fast enough.  Hopefully they will finally get their arms around this.