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Hello SimpliSafe?  Anyone answering the phones today?  Monday, August 2nd 2021.  I've been trying to speak with someone in Tech Support or Customer service and hear the wait time is 30 - 40 minutes, then the system hangs up on me.  I'm having issues with my cameras, and may need to request to have 2 new cameras shipped to me due to them not connecting to my home WiFi all of the sudden, after a power bump on Sunday due to a storm.

As of right now, at 4:00pm Pacific time, I've been waiting on the phone for 37 minutes listing to the soothing hold music.  The first time I waited for 32 minutes before the system hung up on me.  

I need some customer service please!

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Still waiting on the phone..... lol



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@chriso352  if you post some details, possibly a customer could assist?

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Hi chriso352,

So sorry about the hold times! I do see in our records that someone was able to help you today. Did you still need assistance? As Captain11 says, our community here is happy to help!

- Johnny M.
SimpliSafe Home Security

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8/3/2021 the wait times are also bad, I am starting to suspect that they inflate false hold times so that customers can't cancel the service after the awful customer service. You cannot change service online, cancel, get any "specific assistance" and the hold message is to come to the website. I have an unusable system that I have been paying for over a year, the last 4 months it doesn't work at all and I give up waiting over and over....they keep getting paid, I get nothing. I certainly don't feel safe and now I feel that I have been robbed by the security system meant to protect me and my home.



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@paulawhigham  I agree there is an issue with their customer service and the hold times for many that have called for help.  
However, I tend to take issue with someone claiming their security system is the only thing protecting them.  The security system is a tool for you to use when it comes to taking care of your family and your home.  The system does nothing to stop someone from coming in- if your neighbor turned into a zombie and stumbled through a window (and thereby setting off your alarm) there is nothing that the alarm system can do that will stop that zombie from feasting on brains.  You can get a notification on your phone and maybe even see it on a camera followed up with a call from the monitoring center to see if police should be dispatched (or other first responders, whatever the case may be) but it doesn't shoot lasers or drop a cage on an intruder.  YOU are responsible for your safety.  Use the tools available to you to help you do it to the best of your ability.