Thu, Oct 29, 2020 6:47 PM

Apple Home Kit Integration to SS

I have read many of the SS forum discussions regarding their disappointments in SS for not having any plans to integrate with Apple's Home Kit.  Like many of these forum SS customers, I am an Apple bigot because of their fierce belief in privacy and security. The new HomePod mini sounds like a great new Home IoT Hub that I will choose over Alexa or Google because their devices are always listening to your home conversations (which we, unconsciously, are unaware of ) and you then they sell that data to advertisers.  That is why all the sudden, you coincidentally see an ad the next day, for the vacuum or car you talked to you spouse or friend about purchasing in your home.  Not with Apple's HomePod Mini.  None of your conversations go beyond the walls of your home, and therefore can't be listened to, sold, or hacked.  I believe SS needs to work out any of their issues with Apple or I will be moving my home security to someone who does i.e. abode. I like Simply Safe but I won't sacrifice my privacy and security. IoT is rapidly coming into our homes i.e. accessories/appliances, etc. Consumers will be purchasing more and more of these, and in may opinion, many will demand to have both privacy and security for these IoT Home devices. I would appreciate SS's response and any forum users to my thoughts.
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