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Awful Product

DO NOT BUY THIS SYSTEM!!!!  This is by far one of the worst products I have ever purchased in my entire adult life.  With some technical assistance, I got everything set up.  Then it was all downhill from there.  I started having false alarms go off, REPEATEDLY.  My base stand went on the blink. I spent quite a while on the phone with a tech trying to remove the bottom to reset it because apparently it was malfunctioning.  Finally, after having no success, they agreed to replace it with a new one.  The new one arrived.  I had a tech help me set it up over the phone because I couldn't get the old one to stop going off and triggering the alarm.  It wouldn't disconnect.  So now I had 2 base stands trying to talk to the system and the old one was causing the alarm to go off.  At this point, I am so paranoid about the system going off that I started leaving it off when I left home.   Finally got it resolved only to find out the camera wasn't working.  I demanded they send a tech out when the new camera arrives to be sure there is no more faulty equipment and I will stop getting false alarms.  They agree to give me free monitoring to offset the cost.  Guy comes out and makes sure that everything is functioning right.  Then he wants to know why my motion sensor is upside down.  I tell him because my dog (who weighs 18lbs and should therefore not be setting off the alarm) was setting off the alarm.  I explain that simplisafe told me to set it upside down to stop this from happening.  He said, "That's crazy.  Now you are only monitoring the ceiling.  It will not do you no good that way.'  So, I moved it up higher and turned it right side up.  Then he says, "Your glass break sensor should be right next to the window to detect the sound, why is across the room from the window?'  I explain that this is how the instructions say to set it up.  Again, he tells me, "That is all wrong, it won't work that way.'  He explains to me that he does this for a living, has worked with many systems, and that what they have been telling me is all wrong.  Seriously??  Finally, everything is set up.  Then, about 3 weeks later, I open my front door to step outside.  I forgot about the alarm and it was triggered.  Within 2 seconds, I enter my code to turn it off.  Nothing happens.  Alarm is still going off.  I enter again.  Nothing.  Then an error message pops up saying I have to move the pad closer to the base station.  Being careful to only touch the side, (the panic button is on top) I walk over to the base stand and stop the alarm, finally!  I return the pad to its holder, again careful not to touch the top.  About 10 minutes later my front door opens and police are entering my home because, according to them, I entered my duress code to turn off the alarm.  THIS ABSOLUTELY DID NOT HAPPEN!!!  I know the difference between the duress code and the regular one I use every day.  I had no clue who was coming into my home.  These police had their hands on their weapons ready to draw!!!  I pack up the system and tell simplisafe I want a full refund and I no longer want the idiot system.  I ask for a supervisor who tells me, "You hit the panic button so this is on you.'  Verbatim, that is what he said.  Good God.  Really??  So, having had enough, I give him a colorful curse word and say, "send me the label to return it,' and I hang up.  This company is inept, their supervisors don't give a rat's patoot about good customer service, and their product is shoddy. Take your business elsewhere! Oh, and I still don't have my return label via email so now I will have to call and ask them to snail mail it.



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I'm sorry you went through such hassle.  That said, the "guy" who came to check your sensors, doesn't know what he's talking about.  It's actually recommended per SS how to set up the motion sensors and the glass break sensors, and customers have been doing it as recommended for years, it's worked, providing they are set up correctly.

As for your alarm going off and not being able to cancel it, plus the supervisor's comments, that is unacceptable, it's their job to investigate from their end (they have logs) to determine what went wrong.  Sounds like someone just didn't want to make the effort.

Don't depend on SS to snail mail anything, as they are slower than a snail itself.  Keep trying to reach them to email you the return label - and then save your tracking number when you send it back, and if you don't get your refund within at least 2 weeks after they've received the return system, dispute the charges with your credit card issuer, otherwise you'll be waiting weeks or months for SS to "send you a check in the mail".

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We'd like to echo our apologies. This experience is definitely not what we want for our customers. We see from our call records that you've already been in contact with our Support team. But we've also requested contact form our Specialist team, just in case there's anything we can further help with.

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