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Bad, bad customer service experience

I was enjoying my Simplicam with a recording service. It stopped working a few weeks ago and a helpful tech rep set me up with a replacement. Arrives last Friday, cam sets up just fine, but I cannot get my subscription to move over. I call in, suggest cancelling and resubscribing, and 2 reps try every possible solution before doing this simple fix (for well over a hour). Meanwhile, they try to pitch an up-sell to the 24.99 plan as a "solution"! I give up, they say someone will call next week. They did offer 2 mos free which is nice.

Fast forward a week later, still no call. I call tonight and get the same reluctance to cancel/resubscribe, as well as the 24.99 up-sell (with 2 months free; important later in the story). Finally, someone lets me cancel and re-set up my system. Before we sign off, I bring up the free months I was offered, and the service rep says something along the lines of, "I already offered you two free months if you would have upgraded to the 24.99 system."


Unreal. I'd recommend quality control listen to that last convo.

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Hi @robert.n.howard,

We have already reached out to that representative's leadership to make sure the appropriate action is taken. Regardless of what our representative was able to offer, it sounds as though there may have been some unnecessary attitude especially since you were just trying to get your equipment working again. We'll make sure to have one of our Specialists reach out to you to make sure that all is taken care of and so that you can talk about this further if you'd like.

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Thank you! I received a call from Conrad this morning and everything is taken care of.