Mon, Mar 9, 2020 6:49 PM


I called because I could not view my camera.  Why did your agent tell me viewing cameras is going to be off line for the next 3 weeks and my friend is able to view his?

That was a straight forward LIE.  

Meanwhile, I cant view anything.   This is BS

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My alarm is going off and no one can see what is going on because the cameras are not working.  Why pay for service?

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SS won't respond here, you'll want to call them back.  Either you got an uninformed tech or they are doing maintenance that only effects some, but this is the first I've heard of that so I doubt that's the case.  You're cameras could be off for a variety of reasons tho.  Do you know if internet is still working at your house?



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@EVAN.DELMAN i saw your post on ss Facebook page and now here so im thinking the same thing as drunkpenquin, it has to do with your internet whether its a wifi issue or it needs to be rebooted or something like that. As for as the cameras not working for 3 weeks yea i think the tech aas clueless on that part unless they are doing something i dont know about because all of ours are working fine.


I'm having the same issue. My doorbell cam is working fine but both of my other cameras can't stream video. In the app, it simply says they lost the video but when I view the cameras from the web portal, the message says "Unable to Stream Video
We're working on this issue now. Please try again later." I wonder if that is a generic message or if this is a known issue with some cameras or accounts. Perhaps they haven't found the cause yet and the technician who spoke with @EVAN.DELMAN knew this was a bigger problem and quoted "3 weeks" as the current estimate.

I opened a case myself before finding this post and was supposed to get a call back from a technician. Over 24 hours later, no one has called.