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Cannot set up system, missing pieces and its been a MONTH

I ordered a loaded SS package almost a month ago. It was missing some VITAL pieces. Called customer service and was told some were on backorder and some would be shipped out. How was I supposed to know they were on backorder in the first place??? Anyway... I waited for my package. The package arrived 3-4 days later. It had the wrong items in it. Are you kidding me? No I have duplicates of what I already had! I still cannot use my system! It's been almost a MONTH! So much for the trial period! Is this how they get you???? This is almost a $1k system!! Customer service wasn't helpful so I sent a very detailed email outlining exactly what was missing from the original order, what was shipped, and what I still need. I have heard NOTHING. Crickets! I don't think there has been the worst customer service on something in which I have spent so much money. Beware!!! Go somewhere else!! My home is 100% UNPROTECTED, yet I am paying for an alarm system with monitoring. This is messed up!!! Also, I keep getting emails auto-generated about how I need to activate my system. Adding fuel to the fire!! What a mistake this was!!!!



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I understand your frustration, but you say you are paying for monitoring but get emails asking to activate your system?  So are you paying monitoring on a system that is not activated?

Something that gets to me in a more personal way is that you say your home is "100% UNPROTECTED".  Do you not take any responsibility for protecting your home yourself?  I do.  The alarm system is just a tool that I use to do it.  I protected my home before I purchased the system, the system just helps me do it a little better now.  If that's what you think of an alarm system, you REALLY need to stop and think about it a little more.  The system is a tool- it provides noise, notifications and can contact emergency response when needed.  It doesn't shoot lasers or drop cages on top of robbers.  Ving Rhames doesn't stand outside your house and scare away would-be thieves (thanks ADT for that bit of illusion).  You still have to take responsibility.

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Hi vickylmb,

I'm very sorry to hear about your less than smooth introduction to SimpliSafe! From what I can tell from your account, it looks like someone in your household might have discussed replacements for items that might not have been working? That would be what had been delivered.

Due to high demand of some components, as well as shipping difficulties in the current global situation, we do have some items currently out of stock. This includes the Smoke Detector, Water Sensor, and Key Fob. But we are constantly getting new shipments in for all items - including those. So if you already purchased one, we placed a Backorder for you, which means when new stock comes in, your order will be the first to get fulfilled.
When the order ships, you'll get an email notification with tracking info. In the meantime, you can check on the status of the order on your online account, by selecting View Account.

- Johnny M.
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