Thu, May 7, 2020 4:07 PM

Can't Get Answer on Refund for Returned Sensors

I need suggestions on how to get a refund on 3 sensors that I returned back in February. I have talked to customer service numerous times and no one seems to want to help me.  They say I got credit to my bank account , but my bank does not have a record of that transaction.Customer service can not provide a confirmation. They said a superviosr will call me. I have not heard anything. While it is not a lot of money, it is the lack of wanting to help me that is so frustrating.



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2 y ago

@mail3_15 SS is honest. SS is also sometimes not too organized.

Call SS support, explain why you are calling and if you get zip from the agent politely ask to be escalated to a supervisor.  I have found similar issues over the past 8 years but SS always has come through, and then some.

Please post your experience/outcome after the call. Good luck, and stay safe.

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Hey Captain,

It doesn't really matter what their "intent" is if they don't take care of business.  The result is the same for me, the customer.  I have done as you suggest and was told by Supv. Carmen at x606 what I wanted to hear and then...NOTHING.  The result is the same.  When I call back to follow up, CS Reps. say their system won't let them transfer me to Carmen's extension even though she told me they could.  So they say they will send a message and a Supv. will contact me.   RI-I-I-I-IGHT!

When you say SS has always come through "and then some", what do you mean?  Maybe they could send me an extra $50 with my refund to make up for how long I have been waiting for it.  (11 weeks so far and check is still not processed)  You know...if their intent is good and all.  That's why I'm now called The Bank.

2 y ago

Have you received any help yet?  I've sent 3 requests for return shipping label and a refund for the entire system and keep getting ignored.  The hassle free refund seems to be a lie.  I'd like my +$600 back and return this stuff.

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Hi Christy,

You will be extremely disappointed.  Although the rep. you talk to can sound nice and helpful, in my experience, only 1 in 10 has followed through and gotten me anywhere.  You will get a sympathetic ear (maybe) and excuse after excuse, but no action or help.  

They admit they have had my return for 11 weeks and still have not processed my refund check.  That's why my name is now The Bank.

FYI--I see that people who file a Formal complaint with BBB have gotten some action.  That is how SS keeps their A+ rating.  General complaints are not considered in BBB rating calculations. There are a lot of them just like us.   That will be my next step.  It's not a nasty threat, either.  I have given SS so many opportunities to fix this and they just have dropped the ball time and time again.  I think it's the only way I will get my money returned.

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