Tue, Jul 14, 2020 8:31 PM

Capability to Monitor Set of "Dry" Electrical Contacts

Some mechanical systems (e.g. boilers, swimming pool pumps) have a set of 'dry' contacts which close (or open) when a problem situation occurs (e.g. a boiler is supposed to start to provide heat, but doesn't start). SimpliSafe should develop a new 'sensor' that would detect the closure (or opening) of a set of contacts and, if that occurs, trigger an alarm within the SimpliSafe system. This would be a nice addition to SimpliSafe's existing list of sensors.

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2 y ago

Never going to happen because they are making tons of money already, there is large liability risk in providing that kind of sensor, and Simplisafe doesn't take risks when it comes to new products.

If you are at-all handy, a door/window sensor can easily be re-purposed as a dry contact sensor.  it doesn't even require permanently modifying the sensor if you don't want to.

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2 y ago

Using an entry sensor will get you an intrusion alarm which would not be appropriate for a boiler/pump problem.  You could also use a water sensor, which gets an "environmental"  alarm.