Fri, Oct 15, 2021 2:45 AM

Code for opening smart lock only and not disarming system

Could an upgrade to the system please be made that allows me to have a separate code for opening the smart lock via the outdoor keypad, but does not disarm my system? Then the master pin can be entered into the indoor keypad to disarm the system within the allotted time.

Unfortunately the current setup presents a material security issue, especially for those protecting city walk-ups on busy streets where the risk of someone being able to spot your pin from the street or over the road. Having a separate code for unlocking the door vs disarming the system would be a simple additional layer of security.

Hopefully that additional option for users  is an easy development to the system that can work alongside the existing approach where entering your pin into the outdoor keypad both unlocks the door and disarms the system, for those that wish to keep that.



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Il y a 10 m

I think this is an excellent idea and fits within the scope of the request some of us have for more granular access in general so we can give specific people the minimum access they need!