Fri, Mar 19, 2021 12:37 AM

Customer experience could be short

I'm a cybersecurity professional. I just installed the system last night, including the mobile app. I looked for a place to create a login account for my wife and was unable to find one. I can create a PIN to Arm or Disarm from the keypad, but cannot create another account for my wife to use the app. My main concern is a security company telling me to use a shared UserID and Password AND you can only be logged at one time. I also get asked to verify the "new" device although my wife logged in to was already verified and listed under "devices". I'm most likely a 45 day customer so I can return before the 60-day return policy.



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@larry856 My wife and I have shared the same log in for almost 9 years.  We are both logged in at the same and have no issues (admittedly except when SS is having rare backend server issues and the app is down,- monitoring is not and has never failed). In addition, 2FA is based upon device so you if your wife is logged in (and you are not), yes, you have to log in.  That aside, sure, would be nice to have SS support separate log ins but not a show stopper in practical use for us.

If you return the system for a full refund, please remember its 60 days from order so you will want to get the RMA within the required period.  And suggest if you go with someone else, don't make it ADT. You can do a Google site search and see the many reasons.  Good luck.