Sun, Nov 25, 2018 5:01 PM

Customer non-service and new website design that's one of the worst that I've ever encountered

Frankly, the "new" flat web site design is one of the worst that I've ever encountered.  When you login, you get the OFF HOME AWAY trilogy, and that's it.

The previous web site had useful information displayed in a format like a professional dashboard.

The new web site requires a multi-level menu pick from a hidden gadget to "explore" where you might find what you are looking for...

If you were trying to create a consistent user experience across both mobile and desktop devices, you may have achieved that.  However, what you didn't consider was that the value of the user experience is now completely lacking.

By dumbing down the content, you have made SimpliSafe perceivable by a three year old if you ask them to point at the circle that's hollow (without fill).  Hopefully, that was not your goal in creating this monstrosity.

Although your overall system seems to function as claimed, occasionally alerting me when a sensor event happens (more on that later), it is irresponsible for your management to adopt such a drastic change (the new web site UI) without considering the customers who have made your company a commercial success.  However, that's the great thing about stupid decisions by entities that think they are the leaders.  In our free market economy, such decisions create opportunities for competition.

I am really disappointed that your company has taken a really good idea and completely messed it up.  Your design team and management must be trying to emulate the new Apple, who has not released a ground breaking product since Steve Jobs passed away.

Remember, it's all about your customers.  Without them, you are HISTORY!

On that note, I recently called your non-customer service number, and got a constantly ringing phone that was not answered.  I tried 6 times, and nothing.  I then called back 2 days later, and was in queue for over 15 minutes until a rep answered.  The call times were weekdays, between 9 AM and 4 PM Eastern time.  There is absolutely no excuse for your company not being able to answer the phone, that is, unless you are farming out your call center and not re-investing in your business by ensuring that customers are number one!

After reaching a representative, I asked them why I was not receiving text message notifications of sensor events for my system.  The customer service representative treated me like the 3 year old that you must have designed the new web UI for.  They allegedly performed diagnostics on the system, and gave it an all clear.  Well, the bases station and associated components were not the problem in the first place.  I asked if they would put in a request to test the SMSC gateway for AT&T, my cellular service provider.  They had no clue what I was talking about.  Additionally, they blamed by not being able to use a cell phone or text messaging.  That's a laugh.  I am one of the inventors and implementers of that technology circa 1990's.  By the way, I called AT&T well before contacting SimpliSafe, and performed tests using AT&T primary and secondary SMS gateways, txt.att.net and mms.att.net.  Both worked flawlessly.

In summary, the reason I am spending the time to write this short note is because I believe your company is suffering from the complacency of success.  When you forget about what made you a success in the first place, its' over man!

I expect a well reasoned diligent response to this message.

By the way, this is the second time I've had to type this because your web site has other flaws in the forum posting software.  If you really want to piss off a long time customer, take 45 minutes of their time and throw it away due to poor code quality.

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4 y ago

I have to agree about the website.  Not at all intuitive.

As for the other -- I have not had to call service much, but when I did, it was fine.