Thu, Jan 16, 2020 6:41 PM

Customer service right now is the worst I've experienced.

When I first signed up for SimpliSafe I experienced great customer service.

This past two months, I was overcharged the monthly service amount. Simple problem, SimpliSafe.
I emailed the customer service department not one, not two, three times. First time, never heard back. Second time was told I needed an agent to call me so I gave them my number and never heard from anyone. Tried calling them and never reached anyone. Emailed again, same reply. Tried calling and was hung up on before they answered. What is going on SimpliSafe?! This is simple issue to resolve and your team is avoiding this.

I am very disappointed and will cancel my service if I cannot get this resolved. It doesn't give me confidence for any potential customer service needs in the future. I hope they can greatly improve this experience for customers and resolve whatever issues are happening (high call volume is not an excuse for zero  follow-through).
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