Mon, Jan 20, 2020 4:10 PM

customer service

One day after I purchased the system I had an issue with the Base. I called customer service several times waiting 35-45 min each time before I hung up.
after the 4th call and waiting 46 min  I reached someone in technical service. I followed the individual directions for about e35 min but the base would not work. The technician said they would overnight another Baseand after 3 days I did not receive one.. I called back several time times before I reached someone and they told me the order was written for another base but not sent.

In my mind this raises the question how well the system works and can you trust their monitoring system.

I would recommend that others purchase a different system .

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3 y ago

I am experiencing similar frustrations.  I purchased a Simplisafe full home system (19 devices) and installed and activated it 2 weeks ago.  The installation was very simple & straightforward.  Since then I have had a continuing series of issues & have called into Tech Support many (10+) times.  Most of these issues are entry sensors incorrectly reporting status (eg: "open" when it is closed, or "offline").  We have removed & replaced batteries, replaced the Verizon SIM card yet the problems persist.  What is most disappointing and frustrating is the difficulty in reaching tech support. Every time I hear "we are experiencing heavy call volumes so expect delays".  Several times the Call Centers are so loud it is impossible to carry on a discussion.  Most frustrating is the # of times that after waiting on hold for an agent 15-20 mins, at least 8 times the call drops & when I call back in the agent jokes "we're having trouble with our phone system".  Once again today I waited on hold for 20 mins, I got an agent and just started to explain the issue, and the call dropped, and once again I got no callback.  The installation of the system is outstanding.  But post installation the customer support is extremely disappointing, and that also raises questions about the reliability of the monitoring service.



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3 y ago

Broken record here, but here goes:

Call them early mornings, 9 am ET, press #1 for sales, someone will probably answer sooner.

COPS Monitoring is completely separate from SS, thankfully.  They are prompt, courteous, and provide exemplary service.

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3 y ago

Key Pad won't connect to base tried new batteries and base reset. I tried calling customer service and waited 20min to still have no response.  Any tips on how to get the key pad to connect.