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I have been a customer since December 2020, since then I have had multiple sensors replaced, along with the mother board, keypad and smart lock. My current system stopped working on Friday January 29. The new lock they were supposed to send they sent to the wrong town. After I called and got another one sent it still did not work. The supervisor that was supposed to call me never did. I called back now a week later some resolutions were made by supervisor Peter P. A whole new system was supposed to be sent to me which would take 24 hours to process and then be sent out. Still on Tuesday February 9. However, supervisor Josh refused to issue a new one and get it processed. He said to keep on waiting. I have been waiting, my system does not work! His response was to hang up on me.

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Hi @luzzikp,

We're sorry to hear about the issues that you've been having recently with customer service. Please know that we'll make sure to review the interactions that you have had so far so that we can take the appropriate actions and we'll also have one of our Specialists reach out to you shortly to see what we can do to make things right.

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@Team S, Thank you for the great follow up in the forums. Keep it up!