Tue, Jan 28, 2020 3:47 PM

Customer Support has gone downhill

I purchased SS in April 2019.   Customer Support was great at first.  Very helpful and easy to access.  

A few months ago I purchased an additional system for my aging mother.  Since early January I've been trying to get support and not been able too.

Have sent in 3 emails and also filled out the web form - Nothing but static.  Have dialed the support number a few times and hung up after waiting endless amounts.

Seems like SimpliSafe has overgrown their support network.  I would caution others from joining until they correct their issues.   I was thinking of buying more but going to pause.  I may need to change back to my old service.  If they can't talk support calls then can they take monitoring calls?  If I do have a true emergency will the call be put on hold?

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3 y ago

The monitoring company is a separate entity from Simplisafe.  To my knowledge nobody has ever had trouble reaching them during an alarm.  I know I haven't.  As far as support goes, that's Simplisafe.  Not sure what the deal is over there but hopefully they get it sorted out.