Sat, Jan 11, 2020 11:41 PM

Customer Support

I tried contacting customer support today, and it says there is a high call volume. I finally got in touch with a support person, after more than 30 minutes and tried to resolve the problem with my keypad that is not powering on even after replacing new batteries. The support person asks me to unplug the base station and remove the battery from the base station. She told me that the base station would need to resync with the keypad. I ask her how will the KEYPAD be able to resync with the base station if it does not turn on. The support person hangs up the phone without resolving my issue. I am trying to call again, but it appears my wait time is longer. Can anyone help?

Il y a 3 y

We replaced our base station module and immediately had issues.  Contacted customer service and they were to replace the base station.  Have had to contact support 3 more times and still have not received a fix.  The only thing delivered to us has been return shipping labels.  On top of that, got an email saying that they have not received our returned module.  
The system works for our local use, but we are paying for monitoring that SimpliSafe is unable to provide due to a bad module replacement.  
This back and forth has been going on for over a month. Each time she support apologizes and says they will correct the problem, but it doesn't happen.
Very disappointed in this "new' SimpliSafe.