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Deactivating Service

You think you have thing under control, all the way up till you try to deactvate your system, All you get is a flipp,n run around, jump thru this hoop jump thru that hoop and in the end still no deactivation.They love steeling money from you and they do everything except turn the system off so your not paying.  Crooks I tell you they have been sealing from me for over a year and will not turn the system off.,  Far-Gone-Ice-Holes!

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Layers and Law suits.



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How did you cancel service?  The only way is to call them and request it, and they allegedly do it right then (which pisses off the people who paid for the rest of the month, but you can't please everybody).  

If you did that, why did you not have your credit card company refuse the charges?

Better Business Bureau complaint.   Allegedly they pay a lot of attention to those.

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I purchased my system in April of 2020.  Part of that system includes a doorbell camera and an outdoor camera.  recently I had to suspend my monitoring service (which had been on a free trial status until now), due to unemployment.  I then noticed that I was no longer able to access my doorbell camera or outdoor camera from the Simplisafe App.  Upon questioning Technical Support, I was informed that once a system is either deactivated, or suspended, the ability to remotely access the doorbell and camera(s) no longer exists.  I was never informed during the sales process that the use of the App and remote access to cameras was directly tied to having a PAID monitoring service component.  The is wrong and I feel misled.  I should be able to access my cameras using the App regardless of whether I'm using a paid monitoring service or not.  I could have purchased from one of a number of competitors and would have been able to use my cell phone/app to access the camera without having to subscribe to a paid monitoring.  I requested a refund for the system which I would gladly return but was informed I was slightly beyond my "60 days".   I am not a happy customer.

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I had a similar issue. I can no longer access the camera I paid for using the app. In fact, when my account was deactivated, I couldn't even access the Simplisafe app. When clicking the icon it 1sts asks me to enter my pin code then it asks me to enter a "master code" which I have no idea what that is. So, a call to customer service. After explaining and a few minutes on hold, they told me to try it again. Now, after entering my pin code, I am brought to a screen that wants me to "Setup a system - with monitoring" or Setup a camera. Once the CS person heard the "master pin code" was no longer an issue he said goodbye and disconnected. no matter what I try, I cannot get the camera to work. I am considering ANOTHER call to SS CS but I am not sure I want bother. I am pissed I spent this money on something that I can't use the way I want. I too was never informed that a Paid monitoring account is the only way to use Simplisafe to its fullest.