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Do Not Use Simplisafe services

I purchased Simplisafe years ago but recently decided to use they dispatch services for 24.99 a month. After a month or two, we decided we would cancel their services. When I tried to log into my app, I realized I did not know my master pin. Because of this, there was nothing I could do and so they continued to bill me.
Finally, I called their customer service and the only thing she said was if I don't know my maser pin then there is nothing that can be done and she was sorry. I told her that Simplisafe could not continue billing me bc I do not want there services. Just because I don't know my master pin should not give reason to continue billing me when I don't want their services. She kept telling me there was nothing she could do. I finally insisted to talk to someone else. After becoming very frustrated, she put me throught to someone who said all I need was to verify my address and email and my service could be cancelled. I let this person know that something had to be done with this customer service agent who was insisting that they would take my money unless I knew my master pin. This agent said, "Why would she do that? She wouldn't do that." And then she simply hung up on me!! She hung up on me! A Simplisae customer service agent hung up on me. I was not using foul language or yelling. I was simply conveying my discouragement with how the first agent had handled my situation.

For this reason, I would definitely think twice before using Simplisafe's services. They do not look out for their customers. They have no problem taking your money whether you authorize it or not.

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Hi @dshdv,

We're sorry to hear that you had such a poor experience when you called in to cancel your monitoring service with us. We expect more from our representatives than you had with the two that you spoke with. While we do require verbal confirmation of the Safeword on one's account to cancel the monitoring services, this is to make sure that only the customer has the ability to cancel the ability to receive police dispatch in the event of an alarm. Our representatives are taught to help customers find their safeword in their online accounts in the event that the customer cannot remember it. Rest assured that we will look into this call and our representatives' actions so that we can take the appropriate measures to ensure this doesn't happen again.

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Oh, and it is possible the agent did not hang up on you.  SS has had problems in the past with their phone systems dropping calls, and I don't know if that has been fixed at this time.

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I sorry to hear of your unfortunate experience.
I for one think that owning this product and paying for the monitoring service has more than paid for itself.
First let me say that I am not an employee or in any other way connected with Simplysafe other than my purchases and monthly payments for monitoring.
Once you have installed the system and get used to using the keypad etc. the system is really easy.
On 3 occasions over the last year, I have been contacted by Simplysafe because of water sensors. Twice was the kitchen sink leaking and again just this morning I was woken up early by Simplysafe due to a damaged washing machine leaking in the laundry room, Any one of these could have cost me hundreds if not thousands of dollars each in damages had we not had Simplysafe monitoring our home.
When my wife and I are sleeping, it is very comfortable to know that someone is there if or when needed.
I would recommend Simplysafe to anyone.
As with anything, you get what you put into it.