Thu, Nov 19, 2020 1:44 PM

Does not work with a Digital Door Bell

SS does not offer wedges for a 90 degree door bell and it does not work with a digital door bell. This has turned into a SimpliFrustrating door bell installation.

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I just got the doorbell and camera. The website where it is sold needs to clearly sate that it does not work with electronic chimes. I installed it, turned on the power, and my chimes started ringing, and ringing, and ringing, and ringing, etc. I demounted the doorbell, called tech support and found out it won't work with my electronic system. I'm returning the doorbell and camera Monday. Support was great. They handled things well. I just wish that the page with the specifications clearly noted the requirements for the system.  It would save a lot of hassles.  Then too, develop a system that works with electronic chimes.

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After having my Door Camera Pro for almost 2 years awaiting the "FIX" for digital doorbells, here is what I did!!!

I removed my digital doorbell and bought an analog two chime offering from Amazon for $25 (including the necessary transformer!!) and installed that. Then I successfully mounted the SimpliSafe Doorbell using an angled mounting from ebay for `$6 and I now FINALLY have a working front door camera.....

If you want to have the Pro Doorbell Cam I suggest you do the same and replace your digital doorbell with an analog one (~$25 and some labor)....smile