Tue, Jan 14, 2020 5:54 AM

Done with Simplisafe. Ring is so much better.

Done with Simplisafe.    Moving on to Ring.    After three systems and years of monitoring and a few failed sensors I've had it    After waiting 45 minutes to speak with someone I found that without spending $300. per year for monitoring I can't use the App for remote operations!!    Really?  Are you kidding?   I don't want monitoring but do want to control my system remotely. .  

Now the GOOD news.    Just found out Ring has a great looking system that does exactly what Simplisafe does and has much more  reasonable monitoring plans and options.  How about $100 per year instead of $300 per year for monitoring!    And rings monitoring offers many other benefits besides being a third of the price including full extended warranty.  I also found out that if you buy the ring system from Costco you get a free year of monitoring!!    I'll be removing and trashing my simplisafe system and buying Ring.  
 Incidentally, when I called ring today I spoke to someone immediately.   The ring system completely pays for itself in savings over Simplisafes bloated monitoring charges.    Simplisafe has lost it now lost me

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I'll 2nd what 7 says.  Think of them as 2 separate systems.  One for you (outside) and one for SS visual verification (inside).  There will never be a wireless camera system that can compete with wired cameras and outdoors are much tougher and need a better quality camera with excellent night vision capabilities.

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I have the SimpliSafe indoor camera mounted outside above my garage with their sleeve on it. It works perfect. Someone said its only valuable if the alarm goes off as it records events. That's not true, I have mine set to record all motion and send motion notifications. I see every time the UPS man walks up my driveway to drop off a package. Its been great for me. I have 3 SimpliSafe cameras including the doorbell and they all work great. To the people that complain about them, here's the problem. You have to have good wifi coverage and good wifi upload speed. The router that my internet provider gave us sucked. The cameras didn't work well with the crappy router. I upgraded to a mesh wifi system (I had to because the camera above the garage was too far from the router) and it immediately fixed all camera issues. They work great now. The cameras rely on wifi so you have to have good coverage for them to be reliable. Once SimpliSafe comes out with the outdoor cameras I will be buying several of them as well.



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I'm impressed you don't get a large percentage of false notifications; I get a bunch on my indoor cameras where the temperature is controlled (since the camera motion activation is based on change in temperature and expected there to be more outside).