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Wed, Jan 15, 2020 6:07 PM

Don't try to add another location!

OMG! What a mess! I have been using SS at my vacation home more or less without a problem for a few months. A few days ago I tried to install a second system at my home address, and now NOTHING is working at EITHER address!!

Everything written here (and everywhere else) about customer support response times and knowledge is correct. IT IS HORRIBLE!! They have been no help at all, and in fact I think they made it worse. I could understand 30+ minute wait times if this were the Butterball turkey line on Thanksgiving, but this is a freaking ALARM COMPANY! Customers demand better attention from you!

Its just ridiculous how complicated this has become! After several different attempts to do an alarm system on the cheap, at this point I'm convinced there is no 'amateur' alarm company out there that has a clue. Things are so messed up now, at this point I'm afraid I'm going to end up having to box up and send both of these systems back.

I say stick with ADT or Guardian or another similarly established company. These newbies don't have the chops to do this correctly. Not yet anyway.



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Yep, customer support access is poor this time of year.  I've never had a problem getting them or with them after getting them, but then I've never tried to around the end of year sale disaster since fortunately I've never needed to.

Yes, unlike ADT, they don't have the skills or experience to totally rip you off.  

The system seems to work quite well for a lot of people.  I wonder how much of your problems is due to SS hardware (defective ones do get delivered, but their warranty is exceptional), how much is due to the support when you do get through to them (the long wait times and defective phone system indicates they are overworked and perhaps still new on the phones), and how much is due to you (poor communication, failure to follow the instructions, ranting and raving).  It's hard to imagine how installing a second system could make the first one "stop working" without some serious klutzery on someone's part.  

If you ordered less than 60 days ago, then you can get a complete refund.  More than 60 days, you will likely have difficulty getting anything back.

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Simplisafe has been around for awhile, it's a pretty well established company.

And pretty highly regarded, by folks such as CNET and PCMAG.