Wed, May 13, 2020 7:27 AM

Door Chime Silent on Specific Doors and Notification of Open Sensors

This is a two pronged problem first is that we have sensors on internal doors, those doors are useful when it is set to away. However, when I choose to set the system to home it says that there are sensors open. Well duh they are also not triggered while home I don't care if they are open. Either it needs to be selectable if a notifacion is necessary when arming or if it will not set off the alarm in a specific setting it ignores it while arming.

Second part dovetails into this problem I want to be able to select which doors have an open chime notification. I only really care to hear a chime if an exterior door is opened. People should be able to come and go from internal doors without making a whole bunch of noise. That is the simple version more complicated would be to set schedules in combination with alarm setting. For example between 9 am and 6 pm chime door if opened and home. But I would be just fine with a simple on or off for each sensor. Google's Nest has more features and their service is free if you so choose. This service should have every bell and whistle available at the price I am paying per month.

Oh and don't get me started that Google also says the door if you ask it to. Front door was opened etc. It also has several chime veriations per door long vs short. That way you can differentiate what door it is. It's the little things. I really hope they start innovating this product it lacks any sort of flare when it comes to features. Beginning to regret my purchase.



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2 y ago

SS won't currently do what you want, and there is no indication they are working on it, and if they are working on it, it will take years and then they might not even announce they have done it.

With SS, what you have is what you get.  They MAY change someday, but you will be much less stressed if you assume not.  If it meets your minimum needs now, keep it.  If not, go to a different system.