Sun, Jul 12, 2020 8:22 PM

Doorbell Chime Does Not Work

I've purchased the doorbell camera and after back and forth with customer service has to install the Chime connector as well.
But, it turns out that the when someone ring the doorbell now the chime doesn't work.
Customer service suggested its something to do with low voltage and that I should contact an electrician to fix the issue.
I am not planning to throw more money on a simple doorbell, especially since it should work properly.
Regardless, how come there is not option of connecting the doorbell to the main chime unit? (the one that lights up when you turn on the alarm and chime when you open the door)
Seems to me like a simple software update that will solve so many issues not only for the consumers but for SimpliSafe as well (how many hours customer service is wasting on troubleshooting doorbell chime issues, huh?)
Anyway, hope someone actually reading this...

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