Mon, Jan 27, 2020 8:54 PM

Duplicate Billing

I have been a customer for 30 days, I was recently billed twice for the same amount on the same day for my monthly fee.  I have tried to call and email customer support without success.  Please advise how I rectify this situation.  
Thank you



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3 y ago

@susgrarn my first suggestion is not to fret or worry. As Simplisafe sometimes makes mistakes, they will also will correct them, and then some. Been a customer going on eight years and they an honest, if sometimes inept, company.

The best way is to call, place the phone on speaker and wait it out. When they pick up they will promptly assist you....and ask for 1 free month of monitoring for your troubles.

SS, you owe at least that for the mishap and unacceptable hold times.

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3 y ago

I've had similar issues with other companies and a quick call to my bank always got it resolved as well if you have any problems with SS.



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3 y ago

Call when they open in the morning, 9 am, ET, and press #1 for sales - someone should answer sooner.