Thu, Jan 2, 2020 3:42 PM

Emails not bing answered

Why and how come my 2 emails have not been answered in the last 2 months



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@potville5 here is the answer but you won't like it. Simplisafe support is overwhelmed every year (at least for the past 7) from early November to mid January every year.  Outside that period, its great.  The associates are very good but cannot compensate for poor senior management decisions. Great product, great prices, great support associates and "meh" senior mgt. There ya go.

Light is at the end of tunnel and suggest you call support, especially early in the day. I did and estimated hold time of 15 minutes was spot on.

Happy new year.

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I have also been ignored.  I am about to create my own topic about it.  If a company is too busy to respond to a paying customer over the course of a month and through multiple separate emails, then they're not worthy of my business.  I don't care what your situation is.  They need to get it figured out.

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i figure if i bombard their forums & email I'll eventually get support.  I don't care the situation, this is bad.  At this point, I'm only asking for a return label to send it all back & get my refund (I've already stopped payment).

There is no excuse - every other business manages to find a way to support their customers at this time of year.  I've lost confidence in them, and sure don't trust them to protect my home.

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I just sent an email. I better get a response? I'm already looking at other options based on other issues with my system. Customer service better not become an issue or I will tell everyone I know not to use simplisafe. There's no excuse in 2020 for bad cusotmer services.

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I've posted 3 emails in the last 3 days about an issue with our sensors and still no response.

Is it possible SimpliSafe has ceased operations?

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I did send an email to support.  It was so long ago, that I forgot.
But they answered it, many days later.
So getting a quick email response may not happen right now.

There have been several suggestions here on the forums, about calling early 9am ET.
They get busy after that, although I got through New Years Eve, and had someone call me back.

Simplisafe runs the forums, but does not often respond on the forums.

So, in summary, the best way to make contact with Simplisafe right now is to call. Early 9am ET.  You may have to wait on hold, so push speakerphone, and do something else while you wait.

Simplisafe sold a lot of systems in the last month, and so has a lot of questions.

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I have sent 3 emails, each unanswered,  over the last 3 weeks regarding a non-functional unit.  Trying to get through on the phopne has been a joke.  So far I have little to encourage me not to return the system for a refund.  This is not my first security system.  Never before have I been unable to get support.



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All we can advise is keep trying to call them - early, 9 am (ET) when they open, try pressing #1 for sales.