Wed, Jun 10, 2020 3:08 PM

Entry Sensor Chime settings

I would like to request that the Entry Sensor Chime setting be tied to the system state (e.g. Away, Home). Ideally it would be added as a per-device setting that could be set to chime based on the state of the system.

I don't want to hear the chime every time someone enters/exits the house during the day but I would like to hear a chime at night or when the system is in a Home state.



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Il y a 2 y

Um, it is tied to the state.  When the system is OFF, the chime sounds unless turned off.  If the system is HOME or AWAY, you will get a siren, not a chime.  Because, oddly enough, that is what a SECURITY system does.
The Entry Sensor chime is not tied to the state the way the original poster requested.  You're wrong and your attitude is unbecoming.  Your response makes it seem as if you are a miserable person; I hope you were just having a bad day.

On a related note, I would like to see the Motion Detector equipped with a chime that can also be configured to sound based on the mode of the system.

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Il y a 2 y

I too would like to see the ability to set the motion sensor to chime versus siren as the entry sensors will do.  It would be very helpful.