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Hello Simplisafe,

Just wondering when you'll have available an external alarm box similar to the one released by 'ring'.

I have five of your external sirens - but they are no deterrent in the dead of night. Nor are they any assistance when the siren is ringing as there is no strobe or flashing light to identify the property where the alarm is sounding from.

Please could you look into providing such a solution.

I am a premium subscriber even though I cannot avail of the monitoring I am very happy with the system - just get me an alarm box please!!??

Best regards,

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Il y a 9 m

Hi David,

Yep, we've had this suggestion before. We'll add your voice to the chorus.

- Davey D.
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Il y a 8 m

The ring alarm system also allows you to link to any of their cameras with built in sirens so you can have the light come on if the camera has one as well as sound the siren on the camera, such as with the ring floodlight camera (which has a speaker/siren and floodlight)