Sun, Jan 12, 2020 9:07 PM


I am new to Simplysafe and wanted to give some feedback

1) Customer Service hold times to reach anyone are ridiculous anywhere from 25-60mins before talking with anyone.  Then they usually don't know the answer or give conflicting information

2) The app is very clunky and is not very user friendly

3) The app or the system for that matter, does not give you a complete timeline.  My compliant is that the system does not record when the entry sensors are open/closed unless the system is in armed mode.

4) Inside the app it constantly tells me it has not communicated with the base recently and I have to manually update it. I feel this is contraindicated and inconvenient for me to have to do everyday

5) I would suggest the company invest in smaller flat magnets for entry sensors as the original ones are very large.  When ordering the smaller ones, they weren't much smaller/thinner and I had to cut into my molding for it fit my doors

6) The price point is good compared to other systems in my area
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