Mon, Apr 6, 2020 1:24 AM

Fraudulent Billing Scam

Just writing to say that after I exchanged my old system for the new one at the start of 2018, I was fraudulently billed for their monitoring service on the old system (which was with them) from Jan 2019 to Nov 2019 (no idea why they started this in 2019, they probably sold it to someone else who was likely also billed). I realized this late and canceled the service to the old system in Dec 2019 (if I hadn't, they would've continued billing me twice for the old and new systems until I died). I called them later to get a refund and while the customer service agent agreed it was incorrect billing, the refund request was refused by the back office team (who you cannot speak to directly)since, according to them, I canceled it only in Dec 2019 so it was my fault for not catching it sooner! I promptly canceled my new system service and will not deal with this shady business any longer. It's not the money, it's the principle that matters. I won't even be selling my current system, I'll be throwing it in the trash since that's where it belongs and I don't wish for anyone to be subjected to this kind of financial scam. Chad Laurans ought to be ashamed of running such a fraudulent business. Penny wise, pound foolish!



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Il y a 2 y

Fraudulent?  Scam?  Sorry buddy, this is neither.  Mistake?  Possibly.  User error?  Definitely.  Any time you don't check your credit card usage before you pay it, YOU take on responsibility for errors.  Yes, it IS your fault for not catching it sooner.