Fri, May 8, 2020 1:21 AM

Fraudulent Charges From Simply Safe-BEWARE!

Simply Safe has been double billing my credit card and they can't explain how or why. Their billing department is unwilling or unable to help me. I have called them 3 times. I have filed a claim with my credit card and the charges are being reviewed by my credit card. Simply Safe who is a supposed security company can't figure out where the other charge is coming from. If not resolved soon I will discontinue service and throw away this system!

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I had trouble with the Extra Siren that was initially shipped with my SS3 system. I could get the base station to recognize the siren, but there were no sounds from the siren, for either a sensor opening or an actual alarm. SS sent me another siren, which I set up the same way with the same results (recognized, but no sounds). I called Tech Support and Austin assisted me in getting the siren to react and make a chirp when the alarm counted down to set, chirped when a sensor opened up, and for an actual alarm condition. It worked fine. It took about 10 minutes for Austin to walk me through all this. I had a couple more questions about the operation of the smoke detectors and the cameras, which Austin answered quickly and professionally. Hats off to Austin and tech support! Thank you!