Fri, Jan 17, 2020 1:04 AM

Have the option to have a shorter than 30-second time to activate alarm

Having time to deactivate the alarm when arriving home is good.  However, a 30 second delay for the alarm when someone just broke down a door or opened a window  while I'm sleeping upstairs gives the perpetrator 30 seconds to make it to where I am before the alarm activates. An earlier alarm may scare them off and/or give me a better chance to respond before they find me.

I would like there to be an option to have a much shorter time between event and activation.

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3 y ago

Panic Button is what you would use when somebody busts down your door.  You don't have to activate the alarm.  Push and hold the panic button for a couple seconds and your alarm will immediately arm and go off.

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Thank you for that information.

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3 y ago

You can call and have them change it for you to a lower time.  Also if you use the app to arm and disarm the system instead of the keypad you can set your doors to instant alert which will have no delay at all.  That's what we do.

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Thanks for the reply.  I did not know that option was available. I haven't found that option but will continue to look for it. Directions would be appreciated.

I live rural so having first responders called is still going to take almost an hour.  I subscribed to the monitoring mostly so I could use the app as I wanted to be able to turn on/off the system if I forgot when I left the house.

Your suggestion may make me reconsider cancelling the monitor feature.