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hearing impaired

I saw a thread where this suggestion was submitted in 2011  Here were 9 years later and nothing has been done to assist the hearing impaired

Once again my alarm was triggered because I could not hear the warning beeps. I set the alarm accidentally when I put my keys in my pocket

Its not a major engineering thing.  Just add AC powered blinking lights as devices. There is already some two way communication between cell phones and the system. You could just add devices that use the home wireless just like the base.   The devices do not have to communicate two way directly with the base, they could get their trigger from the web, but they could be triggered like the siren but during countdown. Once the countdown starts, the web site could alert the lights.

This is a revenue opportunity being missed. I can tell you I would buy at least two of those devices, even at 100 per device

One suggestion that would take almost no engineering and that is to add a voice warning when the alarm is in countdown mode to triggering.  This should override the volume setting and be repeated at the highest volume.  Something like  "warning, the alarm is about to trigger"  Or even "Warning"  This would not solve the issue for the deaf, but it would sure help someone like be with severe mid/high frequency loss

The base already has voice.  Even a programming change that simply repeats one of the armed commands when the trigger timer is counting down would be awesome

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I have stopped using the key fob for that very reason and installed the extra loud auxiliary siren in my house, but I agree, some sort of obvious blinking light would be useful.  Instead of the fob, I use the smartphone app.

Maybe, as a stopgap, they could even program the base station lights to blink when the 'countdown' begins.  (I don't know if that happens or not,  I've got the light turned off)  That would weaken the base station security a bit but I don't think significantly so.

I love the blinking light sensor idea though, I'd put one in my Living room, one in the basement, and one in my bedroom.  It should trigger when the doorbell rings as well.  I agree that SS is missing a significant amount of revenue.  As we age, two things almost certainly happen:

1)  We become more concerned with security.  I've studied the martial arts for 15 years, at least, but at the age of 70, I am NOT the fighter I used to be.
2)  We lose some amount of hearing and eyesight.

There is a synergy there that ALL of the security monitoring systems seem to ignore.



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They will never have the base blink or light or make noise during the countdown.  This is a major design element to reduce the chances of an invader finding and disabling the base before it sends the alarm to the monitoring center.  An external strobe (preferably outdoor rated) and/or an alarm controlled switch would be massively saleable.

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Has anyone tried to hook up a strobe light or something similar in addition to the SimpliSafe external siren?  I'm unimpressed with the "ear-splitting 105Db" siren, and I'd love to add my own sound-and-light annunciator to my "old" (SS2) system.