Wed, Jul 7, 2021 8:42 PM

Horrible Setup experience

When I originally placed the order, I talked to the customer service agent and confirmed multiple times that the installation people will remove my old system (I have disabled Guardian Protection System).  After getting the equipment I called the hellotek and they said due to liability issue they will not be able to remove the old system. I got some one local, paid more money, removed all the old system and then installed simplisafe. Everything was setup (after 3 hours or so) by him and me. I followed every step as guided by the iphone app.

After couple of hours, i opened one door and in the app it said something else is open. Basically I opened Living Room window (first floort) and it said MBR window open (2nd floor). So I then went through the process fixed the names of few that was incorrectly named, saved to base station. After few minutes, I tested again, and it said again the wrong window as open. Basically the base system did not correctly register all the devices.

Tried to download update for the keypad and it took almost an hour and near finish it said 'error updating, base is too far'. That process is incomplete.

After a very frustrating phone call with tech support (he just would not listen to what I was saying),  they are going to send me another base unit. Once it comes I have to go through another process of provisioning registering every door/window again.

What a pain and waste of time. I would not recommend this system if you already having another system that you are trying to replace.



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1 y ago

@vaidyabala after reading your post, it appears that any DIY system, including Simplisafe, probably not a good choice for you.  As far as HelloTech, SS picked them as a 3rd party provider so in my opinion they are responsible for them. Did HelloTech give you a written proposal? If not, you should have demanded/insisted on one to avoid any misnderstandings. And now a question for Simplisafe: I searched your site and could not find one reference to Hello Tech. In fact, there is zip, nothing in the new Help Center. On the HelloTech website Simplisafe is listed, and over 42k services performed.

Is HelloTech an official service offered by SS or not? Baed on what I see from both websites, the answer should be no, and therefore support team has to clarify what it is telling and not telling customers.

@vaidyabala despite your setup experience, SS3 is a great system and I have used SS systems for over 9 years, and a very happy customer. At the least, I suggest you call and request a supervisor to walk through with you your system and answer any questions you may have.