Wed, Jun 3, 2020 10:03 PM

Just canceled

Cheap month bill "that's it'. Just had a false smoke alert in my shed. The short story is they have outsourced the monitoring to another company and has not given them any access to your account info. So if there is a fire they can not tell them which sensor / location is going off, kitchen, basement etc.. If you have a break-in they Can't tell the police which door or window etc.. So imagine your are a police office at 3am walking up to a dark house with a break-in and the security company can't tell you where the break-in occurred. It gets better, the smoke detector in my shed kept going on then resetting and going back on so the monitor company told the fire Chief multiple smoke detectors were going off On the property. The fire company was now required to break down my back door to get in. While the Chief was walking around in the house he asked them to turn off the alarm which they said they can not, he would have to talk to TECH support, "IM NOT MAKING THIS UP'. I then received a call from the monitoring company telling me that motion detectors were going off on my property and should they send the police !. The Simplisafe system is a train wreck.
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