Sat, Sep 26, 2020 2:16 PM

Keypad Panic Button trigger alarm at 3 am!

This happened twice this morning so I took out all the batteries from my keypad.  Alarm sounds and system says "Keypad Panic Button" triggered the alarm.
We were sleeping so no one touched the panic button on top of the keypad (I did not know a panic button even existed).  How could this just go off on its own?  Keypad has been lighting up a lot too that never happened even after I turn to power saving mode.  Has anyone had this problem before?  My guess SS did a firmware update and it has lots of bugs.  Taking out the batteries to disable is not a solution.  Help!!



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2 y ago

@DoctorNo Don't have an answer for you on what is causing this, however, do want to say posting this on a Saturday in the forums is probably not going to help. Suggest you call SS support, put the call on speaker and wait for a live pickup to troubleshoot and possibly get a nc replacement sent out FedEx overnight.

Please post your outcome here in the forums if you get a chance.