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I cancelled my service in January because my house was on the market and about to sell. I left the simplisafe system in the house for the new owner and when I moved into my new house, I liked the system, so I got a new one. 1) They can't remove my old address from their system. 2) In June they started billing me for the old address again. Calls and emails went unanswered/just rang or put on eternal hold. So I filed fraud charges with my credit card carrier and basically put a lock on all my cards so they couldn't charge me. 3) They tried to charge me again in July but it got blocked. I don't live at the old address, I told them that 6 months ago, there should be a notice on my account. Why am I being charged? I can keep my card locked and never pay SimpliSafe another dime, it's their call really.

--A Walz.

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Sorry about the confusion. The actual equipment itself does not retain any info about you, your payment, or your contact info. That's all on your online account.

If you're passing down your equipment to another customer, what you want to do is have the new owners create their own account here: simplisafe.com/activate
That way, the new owners will not have access to any info from your account.

We've requested a call for you from a senior specialist, because clearly this transition did not go as it should!

Johnny M.
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