Sat, Jul 31, 2021 5:41 PM

No support - long wait times

I've been trying to connect my new system for over a week. Tech support (Antonio) was great last Friday. But, I've been waiting for a cellular module replacement all week only to find out that the order was cancelled the same day I was told it was ordered. Nobody reached out. I happened to see it in my account summary when I was searching for a delivery confirmation. I have called multiple times over the past few days but nobody answers and I hang up after 20+ minutes listening to hold music. What a horrible way to treat a new customer. Finally spoke to someone today after holding for 27 minutes. Hopefully this order will arrive as promised and I can finally connect the system.  Looking for a new system and provider just in case...

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Hi john.mccloskeyjr,

So sorry for the confusion. I looked into your order, and the good news is that no, it has not been canceled.  It's just been recorded incorrectly.

What I do see is that it was accidentally held up due to a technical issue. But I was able to correct it, and hopefully we'll have the order on the way ASAP.

- Johnny M.
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