Sun, Jan 26, 2020 5:21 PM

Not sure Simplisafe company actually exists based on trying to contact them

I'd like to buy some more sensors. Cannot from simplisafe. Can't get a call through or email back. Extra pieces stuck in my shopping cart, can't get them out...need to either create a new account with another email address and "fake" being a new customer OR get them from amazon...already got one from Best Buy. Anyone actually had luck with this?

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Il y a 3 y

I'm selling my system and have extra sensors. Email me Nrangers1804@aol.com please



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Il y a 3 y

If I remember correctly, those "stuck" items can be deleted at a point during the checkout process.  You might have to enter payment/shipment methods, but I'm pretty sure there was a checkbox or something similar next to the items that you don't want where you can delete them - before submitting the order.