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Opening smartlock disarms the alarm

I recently bought the simplisafe system with smartlock and keypad. I am really surprised that the system does not allow me to have a separate code to unlock my smartlock but NOT disarm the alarm. As I live on a city street, I feel this is a material security risk to my family and property if anyone was to shoulder surf or see fingerprints on only the 4 numbers that I use!

When contacting the company about this issue, they stated that they make the assumption that nobody will look over your shoulder. I think this is a naïve assumption. I also think it should be a relatively a small upgrade/development to add the additional flexibility to users to have a separate code to unlock the front door only without disarming the system. This also wouldn't prevent people from using just one code, as the system is currently setup.

I have raised this with customer support as a change I would like to see urgently. If any of you have a similar concern, please also raise this with Simplisafe through Contact Us so that there is some pressure to make this change. Otherwise I'm going to have to dispense with the smartlock (which would be a shame given the price I've paid for it already... and the fact that I generally otherwise like the lock)

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Hi rossmcadam,

The key advantage (pardon my pun) to our Smart Lock is that it integrates with the full SimpliSafe alarm system. So yes, by default, we did design it so that when you unlock, you also disarm the system. So you can get in, in one easy step.

You do have the option of setting the Smart Lock so that disarming won't unlock the door. But there's currently no option for the other way - so that unlocking won't disarm.

But you should also know that if you want to bring suggestions for our dev team, this is the place to do it! Our engineers do visit often, and we're always bringing suggestions to them for future updates.

- Johnny M.
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Hi Johnny - thanks for the response.

I understand why the company did it this way as it is a unique offering of the lock. But in practice, for me living on busy city street, the idea of entering my Master Pin into an outside keypad with people passing by me is uncomfortable and poses a security risk.

What I'm suggesting is just an additional layer of choice and flexibility in how we use the lock. By adding the option to have an unlock only code (no disarming of the system), it offers an additional way to enhance security for users exposed to that risk of onlookers.

Hopefully engineers reading this suggestion will see it that isn't an attempt to change the selling point of the lock, but really a value-add option for some users sensitive to this risk, but who also want the other great features of the SimpliSafe lock (e.g. remote lock/unlock)



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@Johnny M your explanation was key to understanding how this works. and locks it up nicely. To frame it differently, it opens the door to better understanding  the overall proces. I'll stop now as I believe I have reached a threshold of stomaching this post. :-)



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You've approaching maximum dad joke with this reply. Pace yourself, please. :)