Thu, Nov 19, 2020 2:55 AM

outdoor camera kit is absurd.

I have to say, I am beyond disappointed with the outdoor camera kit. they supply you with a 25ft USB cable, and then what? I have to purchase my own power block for the cable and plug it in where?! outside, where someone could simply unplug it? I had planned on installing 4 cameras outside. I dont have enough outlets to plug in the cameras, let alone not enough USB cable in length to reach any outlet that would allow me to install the camera in any practical place. I had an idea to try to power them over ethernet, but to buy all of the additional items to POE all 4 of the planned cameras would be a bit spendy, in addition to price of the outdoor kit + camera. the idea of powering these cameras over USB seems really absurd to me and not very well thought out. does anyone have any other suggestions?

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2 y ago

My suggestion: buy another brand of camera that suits your needs better.

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My suggestion is that SS needs to have a wireless outdoor camera.

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2 y ago

Thank you Chase for the feedback. I agree with ronsec and do believe that SS has to be developing a wireless outdoor camera. They've made great strides in recent years so I'd imagine this is being worked on currently. Here's to hoping that SS delivers this functionality in 2021!

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2 y ago

Im confused. Surely your cameras comes with a power brick originally? Maybe I'm missing the point?