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Thu, May 5, 2022 6:14 PM

Outdoor camera

I was so excited to order a new security system decided to go with SimpliSafe I was looking forward to the outdoor camera however I’ve had issues with the battery lasting only 3 days before recharging needed adjusted settings with representative hopefully it will last longer this time… also noticing it takes way too long for the camera to wake up it’s not capturing people or events until it’s too late… and they are back in car or leaving smh!!! So far I’m disappointed may be returning to try another company…

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Il y a 3 m

Thanks for the feedback, @cyb10389 and @andrewss2 ,

Improving the Outdoor Camera's performance is definitely a top priority for us. Our engineering team has already pushed through a couple of firmware updates this year that bring some improvements, and more are on the way.

In particular, there was a known issue that caused severe battery drain like cyb10389 was describing. So I strongly suggest checking in your Camera settings section to make sure that your camera has been updated to the latest version - 1.7. For more info, please head over to this thread.

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Il y a 3 m

Greetings Cyb10389.  I setup 3 outdoor cams when these were released, and returned them all after weeks of testing and help from a SS engineer.  Detailed feedback on my experience was posted here in the community.  Bottom line, the cams  are brilliant, but the current software driving the cams is not. They attempt to record everything that moves, 24 hrs a day, triggering too slowly to see anything useful and draining the battery.  I also had trouble with the spotlight turning on randomly, and not turning off after a recording event. There’s no way to schedule the time they’re active, and turning them on and off takes too many steps to reach in the menus. So the battery dies. Not useful at all.  

However, my indoor cams and SimpliSafe sensors have performed flawlessly for a couple years now.  I’m sticking with SimpliSafe, and recommend to friends and family.  Just not the outdoor cams.  I’m hopeful these software flaws will be fixed, I will buy them again if these issues are addressed.

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Il y a 3 m

I’ve been a SimpliSafe customer for years and was really looking forward to the outdoor camera when I finally bought two this year. I have been comparing it side by side to a Ring cam on my system for a couple months now and I’m ready to send the SS back. This camera should not have been shipped to customers, IMO. I’m not an engineer but the camera responds way too slowly, it doesn’t connect half the time despite it being 10 feet from a router, and it’s UI is inadequate. Does it even have an adequate processor for video streaming? And the video quality in daytime is way over-exposed compared to my Ring. It actually offers better video quality at night than during the day. I have zero issue pulling up my Ring (which is 2x farther from my router) every time and getting fairly true colors and decent clarity. I’m bummed.

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