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Mon, May 31, 2021 3:58 AM

Placing Keypad, Shouldn't be Within View of a Window Right?

The door I initially thought we'd be putting the keypad next to is half windows. The top half of the door is all glass. So if I put the keypad near this door, anyone could look and see the alarm status from outside the house.  This is probably not good, yeah?

Also, we normally hang our keys on hooks right near this door. We got two key fobs, one for each set of car keys. But whenever we arm the system, whether away or home, we shouldn't have the key fobs right here near the door I guess right?  If someone could look through the door, and see the key fobs, they could break in and press disarm on the fob before the alarm went off.

I'd love to hear where others put their key pads and key fobs.



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Key fob on a lanyard around my neck.  Doesn't get activated accidentally, difficult to lose or be stolen, always handy

Keys are always in my pocket.  Hanging them in easily accessible places seems line an unwise move.

One keypad in the bedroom next to the outside door.  One next to the main door, actually behind it when the door is open.  I would never have large amounts of glass in or next to my door.  Not only can people see in, but it makes it easier to break in.

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Looks like you also posted about this topic in this thread. We shared our reply there.

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