Fri, May 1, 2020 8:12 PM

Poor customer service response, and return vanished into thin air

Let me start this review of my very brief (and last) experience I had and will ever have with Simplisafe. I ordered a smart lock about 2 months ago and promptly had to return it because it was not made clear at all that an additional couple hundred of dollars worth of equipment (the home station and keypad) were required for it to work. I was barely able to find this information on the site even after I had discovered this fact and went back to see if it was a mistake attributed to my own carelessness. It was not, this information could only be found in a tiny section of a dropdown menu. Given, I should've figured that this compact lock couldn't house all of the components needed for its wifi connectivity and numerous customization options. However, this would likely be less clear than someone with a weaker technology background. This was just an annoyance at the beginning of my experience, but luckily Simplisafe would refund me with their generous 60 day money back guarantee, Right? Wrong.

I contacted Simplisafe for a return label and was sent one rather quickly. Customer service answered within a day or two and was kind and helpful. I printed off the label from the link they sent me, slapped it on a box with the lock in it, and had it scanned at Fedex to be shipped. Thinking this was the end of my responsibilities, I waited patiently for my refund to show up in my account or for a confirmation email from Simplisafe to come through to me. I waited 26 days with no updates or word from Simplisafe until I finally decided to email them to ask about my return status. I replied to the return email asking if my return had been received. No response. Waited 11 more days before I replied to ask once again. No response. I called a couple days later and spoke with a customer service rep who said I should be expecting the refund within a week or so if the return was following the typical timeline (Also, a 30-day standard return timeline...... Really? Is your returns staff blindfolded?) He didn't confirm the status of it or anything (at least I don't recall this), but obviously I just trusted his judgement. About 10 days later (today), I call once again. I am greeted by a very nice lady who informs me that the tracking number isn't in their system. She then tries to pull up the label she sent me and says its blank. I open the email that previously held my barcode URL and clicked on it. Its blank too with just a little white question mark in a blue box indicating something is missing on the page. I tried on 2 computers and 3 browsers to pull it up. Still blank. I want to know whose ingenious idea it was to make it so this company can't view their OWN LABELS after they expire.... the labels THEY ISSUED. She then asks if I have the tracking number (AKA the receipt.) In hind site, probably should've gotten one as a precaution. However, I figured that any company of this size would have an automated return system that tracks the return orders in this day and age of technology (which I believe they do, it's just obviously garbage.) I asked if there's any way to track the return otherwise and she says no because the tracking number has shown up as not being scanned in/processed by Fedex. I know this is not true because I SAW the lady scan in my package. I have bought and shipped countless things online and am rather proficient in technology. I am positive this wasn't a mistake on my end. It's obvious that it is a problem on the companies side.

Moral of this story... SAVE YOUR TRACKING NUMBER, and if there are any more official companies that provide alternatives to Simplisafe  products/services maybe look at that instead. Again, I would like to say the customer service reps were very nice, patient, and as helpful as they could be without the correct resources provided to them (when you could actually get ahold of them.) I'd also like to add that I have now read many negative reviews about Simplisafe's customer service and returns, so it looks like this wasn't just a rare problem I was unlucky enough to experience. Not fun losing $120 on a single door lock... especially as a college student.

Please fix your support and returns system Simplisafe. You're a SMART TECHNOLOGY COMPANY for heavens sake. Sad!

- A disappointed customer
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