Fri, Aug 14, 2020 4:58 PM

Poor Customer Support and Terrible Shipping

I received my system on 8-14-2020 and the extremely flimsy box it was shipped in had come unglued and the entire side was split open and there was no Key fob in the box.

I contacted customer service and they said I would not receive the fob until next Wednesday.

That is unacceptable.  They don't ship on weekends they said,  but they will take your order and your money on the weekend.

I am returning the entire system minus the key fob of course.  I fully expect them to tell me that I didn't return the key fob and then I will really be angry.

Watch and see.



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2 y ago

I've gotten into the habit of taking pictures of damaged boxes when delivered, as well as one or two if the product in the box is also damaged, then an immediate call or email to the vendor - documentation on your part is important for avoiding lengthy return processes (which, btw, SS is notorious for, so if you do not get a refund credit on your cc within a week or so after they've received your returned product, dispute it with your credit card issuer, because SS will drag it on for weeks or months).  Make sure if/when you send your system back, that you obtain a tracking number so you know when SS receives it.

Sorry this happened to you.  If you bought the SS3, it's a pretty decent system, you could have asked for a replacement, and requested expedited shipping on Monday, but I understand your decision.

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I took pics of the box and I requested expedited shipping.  They refused to do it.  Even after I told them that I would return the entire system if they did not expedite.  Still refused to do it.  And get this.  They promised the return shipping material would be here quicker than the missing key fob.  Not my idea of customer service.