Wed, Aug 12, 2020 6:03 PM

Poor customer support

On 8/7 and I spoke with an agent named Merima regarding a failing smoke sensor.  I was disconnected and she never called back.  I then called back and got Sarah.  She promised to get a supervisor to call me.  No one ever called.

It appears Simplisafe does not value it's customers nor does it take our security very seriously.

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2 y ago

The Customer Support is very poor.
I called on 8-17-20 after installing the new 4G module in my base unit.  It was not working.  I waited on hold for 29 minutes, then heard an audible ring, then the call when dead.
I immediately called back and waited another 23 minutes until a click and the line going dead.
I then sent an email describing the problem and asking for a call back. After days of email asking for a call I finally received an email saying that someone call me today (8-20-20) at 6pm PDT.
Right now it is after 7pm PDT and no call.

This is %^&* poor customer service!!!!